The Business of Happiness.

I deeply believe that due to the world situation, society is crying out for us to evolve to be more conscious individuals, and by conscious I mean self conscious and conscious of others. I think it is necessary a new ideology and way of acting that starts from the self knowledge and the genuine concern for the neighbor, sounds to something idealistic perhaps, but I think that is what has to happen.

I also believe that this kind of evolution will change the way business is done, to one more win-win and concerned to the pursuit of the common good, as a more humanized way to earn money.

Happiness- advantageThe happiness factor is in vogue, there are several authors, researchers, marketers, lecturers who have begun to explore it from a less cheesy and more realistic perspective; and have understood the true advantages that the constant practice of happiness can bring to the life of the people, the way in which corporations work and the change that can mean at the social level.

Hence the initial phrase that happiness is profitable. Let’s think for a moment that marketing is going more and more in the sense of making users happy so that the brand can keep them and sell them not just once. It is about creating relationships with the customer, this trend emerged when they realized that sales are mostly made up of emotional factors that rational; And that traditional methods were no longer so effective.

Now, if happiness is profitable in that sense, it is also part of an organizational culture, regardless of whether you work alone or three people or 100, happiness can be a powerful catalyst to make your business Born, reproduced and grown.

According to the contributions of Positive Psychology, with the help of happiness it is possible to increase productivity, creativity, and the impulse to take action and give a high effectiveness to your business.

About the authors who have explored this subject in recent years, I particularly incline to Shawn Achor, who in his book The Happiness Advantage, rightly mentions the advantages of maintaining a constant state of positive attitude which can only attract the same :  positive things.

It seems interesting to me his approaches of the subject of happiness in a more scientific and explanatory way instead of utopian and idealistic, supports his  hypothesis with studies and investigations and also provides the reader or the listener, (if you opt for happiness advantage audio) of a truly practical guide to becoming an exponentially more positive person. Obviously it is not by magic, it is a constant exercise.

On the other hand, The Book of Joy (the book of joy audiobook)  is ahapiness-dvantage-book-of-joy book written by Douglas Carlton Abrams which has an interview format in which two of the probably most compassionate, affable characters, both awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, tell us what the Happiness is and how you reach that state so longed for. I am referring to the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

So you know, happiness is no longer cheesy, it is a habit for your life and your business.